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Empire Maritime Studies & Research Center

Centre for Maritime Researchemsrc

An indispensable reference since the turn of the millennium.

In boardrooms across the globe, decisions are made based on the analysis and insight provided by our Maritime Research teams. Our industry knowledge and understanding also provide the unique intelligence that underpins our advisory services. EMSRC is an interdisciplinary social science organisation interested in the use and management of marine resources. Its objective is to provide a stimulating intellectual climate for academics and policymakers working on topics related to coasts and seas. Although EMSRC limits its action radius to the social sciences, it seeks active collaboration with other disciplines. It strives to maintain a balanced mix of academic and policy-oriented research. EMSRC takes a global perspective, emphasising the coastal zones of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, drawing on expertise from fields such as law, history, economics, political science, public administration, anthropology, and geography.

EMSRC organises international courses, conferences and seminars on specific maritime topics.

EMSRC publishes a publication series as well as a specialised maritime journal with a broad focus on social science called Maritime Studies (MAST), which is the successor to Maritime Anthropological Studies.

EMSRC’s programme is guided by four core themes:

  • Fisheries (management, governance, legal pluralism etc.)
  • Maritime work worlds
  • Integrated coastal zone and ocean governance
  • Marine spatial planning

EMSRC was established in 2000 by the University of Rhodes and KISWO (King’s Institute for Social Science Research). EMSRC now has four institutional partners, located in three countries of Asia and Europe:

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