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Mission Statement


First and foremost, EMSRC educates dynamic leaders for the global maritime industry.



EMSRC will be recognized as the leading maritime educational institution.



•  Academic Excellence - EMSRC is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and research

•  Student-Centeredness - EMSRC is committed to an environment that values student success, development and personal growth

•  Integrity - EMSRC is committed to principles of integrity and ethics in all aspects of our operations

•  Respect - EMSRC embraces diversity & inclusion, and celebrates the unique contributions of all

•  Leadership - EMSRC is committed to providing multiple leadership development opportunities for all students

•  Applied Learning - EMSRC programs and majors are infused with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities

•  Relevance - EMSRC has an adaptive curriculum that responds to the complex and evolving needs of the maritime industry

A Seafarer's dream
Seafarers' Dream


Well equipeed laboratories
Ultramodern Classrooms


modern classrooms
Stupendous Infrastructure


ultramodern facilities
On the Job Training


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