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Research Integrity

The University of Sussex is committed to promoting and upholding the highest quality academic, professional and ethical standards in all its activities and seeks to foster a culture of professional integrity.

The responsibility for developing and embedding qualities of openness, accountability, excellence in research and leadership, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of participants and researchers and committing to the highest ethical standards in our research environment is shared by the researcher and their institution.

The University's approach to Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity has been to develop policies and procedures that recognise the importance of addressing matters of ethics and integrity, while supporting the achievement of its collective research objectives. To this end, robust Research Governance policies and procedures underpin all research activity at the University and ensures that research is undertaken according to the appropriate ethical, regulatory and legislative frameworks.

The University provides online support modules by Epigeum for Research Integrity on its Study Direct site.

For additional information visit the University’s Research Governancewebpage or contact the  Research Governance Officer.

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