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Empire Maritime Studies and Research Centre (EMSRC), is proud to be a member of Samoa India Maritime Education & Training Group, one of the first groups in India to offer integrated solutions all under one roof to the national and international maritime communities, offering One Stop Shipping Solutions under the Krishnamrutam Group, among others, as well as inspections and issuance of technical certificates to all types of vessels through our Class, Indian Register of Shipping.

As a part of our Curriculum we conduct Integrated Preparatory Classes for Oiler / Wiper Cooks and Maritime Hospitality Crew in Cruise and other vessels (Recognized in compliance of STCW2010 by AP Register of Shipping, London, UK). 


EMSRC organises international courses, conferences and seminars on specific maritime topics.

EMSRC publishes a publication series as well as a specialised maritime journal with a broad focus on social science called Maritime Studies (MAST), which is the successor to Maritime Anthropological Studies.

EMSRC’s programme is guided by four core themes:

  • Fisheries (management, governance, legal pluralism etc.)
  • Maritime work worlds
  • Integrated coastal zone and ocean governance
  • Marine spatial planning

EMSRC was established in 2000 by the University of Rhodes and KISWO (King’s Institute for Social Science Research). EMSRC now has four institutional partners, located in three countries of Asia and Europe. EMSRC Maritime is a Business Platform with a focus on value creation in the maritime industries. The platform coordinates the maritime activities and competencies at EMSRC and aims to develop our maritime research and teaching in close association with the business community. 

EMSRC is committed to addressing the big question of how to achieve economic and social progress in the maritime industry. EMSRC aims to strengthen a maritime focus at EMSRC and create the foundation for EMSRC as a stronger partner for the maritime industry, as well as for other universities and business schools.

EMSRC bridges classical management disciplines (e.g. economics and finance, organisation, marketing, management and accounting, logistics and operations research) with neighbouring disciplines that place business in a broader societal context (e.g. business and economic history, law, economic geography, political science, sociology and information systems research).

The research profile is thus based on longstanding business school traditions, and it involves the ability to model, calculate and optimise different business issues but also a critical stance towards methodological and disciplinary constraints.

Our research is developed on the premise that we should work together with the maritime industry in identifying key questions and research challenges that are of common interest and significance to the world of practice and to academia. EMSRC is engaged in extensive collaboration with maritime businesses and organisations in an effort to identify a number of broad challenges and key research questions for different segments of the maritime supply chain.

Currently we are involved in several research projects and programmes that support the relevant educational activities at EMSRC.

EMSRC is a world-leading university with 22,800 students and more than 700 full time academic staff, as well as over 300 exchange and co-operation agreements with top universities and business schools worldwide.

EMSRC is the only academic institution in the world to currently offer maritime management education at all levels in international shipping and trade as well as courses tailored to individual partners on selected maritime economics and business topics.


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