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Integrated Preparatory Classes

Sub: Admission for the Integrated Preparatory Classes for Oiler / Wiper Cooks and Maritime Hospitality Crew in Cruise and other vessels (Recognized in compliance of STCW2010 by AP Register of Shipping, London. UK).

We are happy to inform that you have been selected for provisional admission to Full-time Integrated Preparatory Classes for Oiler / Wiper Cooks and Stewards in Cruise and other vessels of this Coaching Class, subject to such conditions as embodied under www.emsrc.org and also subject to such conditions as stipulated hereunder. The classes will commence from September 201S. However, you are requested to complete the following formalities and report in person on 28th August 2018 along with original certificates/degrees, mark sheets, etc. of qualifying examinations in support of your eligibility for admission to the aforesaid Programme. You are also required to produce Migration Certificate and Certificate for reservation wherever applicable. You will be subjected to Full Medical Test under ILO Norms applicable to International Seafarers, as envisaged by such RPSL Companies that would provide you confirmed employment onboard the vessels manned and managed by them, subject to such terms and conditions embodied under the Merchant Shipping (Recruitment and Placement) Rules, 2016 as amended from time to time .

Please also submit two copies of recent self-attested photographs along with the proof of your date of birth. Please note that this offer of provisional admission to the preparatory' classes is subject to your fulfilling the required conditions as laid down by the Recognizing Bodies as stipulated in the respective Recognition Orders.

1.                                   You are hereby requested to confirm the receipt of this letter along with your acceptance by September 7, 2018.

2.                                   You must deposit the fee, as indicated below, latest by 30th June 2008 through a Demand Draft, drawn in favour of Empire State International Private Limited - EMSRC, failing which the offer will be considered withdrawn without any further information.

A.                      Fees

(i)                                  Admission fees Rs. 20,000/- payable at the time of admission.

(ii)                                Course fee Rs. 170,000/- payable in two instalments (in July and January') per annum.

(iii)                               Course evaluation fees Rs. 165000- payable at the time of admission.

(iv)                               You may kindly note that the fees are payable by means of Demand Draft, Online Transfer to the account of the Empire Classes of Maritime Studies.

B.                      Refundable Deposit

(i)                                  Library' fee Rs. 15,000/- payable at the time of admission.

(ii)                                Computer Centre fee Rs. 20,000/- payable at the time of admission.customized training

(iii)                               Caution money Rs. 10,000/- payable at the time of admission.

3.                                   The details regarding fees for thesis/dissertation, resubmission fee, award of professional certificate/degree etc. have been given in the prospectus and must be complied with as and when informed by the University. The responsibility to obtain the applicable rules from the Coaching Class and to abide by them rests with the student.

4.                                   We also like to inform that Fellowship for the programme will be as per STCW2010/APSR norms. You may like to confirm that you are not registered for pursuing any other full-time/part-time programme/study in any other University/Institution and that you are not getting any other Fellowship/scholarship/financial assistance as on date.

5.                                   The candidates enjoying employed status and selected for admission in the University are requested to produce leave sanction/relieving order from their employer at the time of admission, granting them permission to pursue the studies of this class for the duration of the programme, failing which they shall not be allowed to join, and their offer of admission shall stand withdrawn.

6.                                   Candidates who have qualified under the APSR Test Norms will draw the fellowship from the APSR through the respective employers as per the norms and procedures laid down by AP Ships.

Notwithstanding the assurance that 100% placement assistance subject to such rules and regulations envisaged under the MS (R&P) Rules, 2016, the classes conducted by this coaching class do not anyway purport to be, substitute or supplant the Courses conducted under the auspices of the Director General of Shipping or any other Maritime Administrations. These classes are job-oriented, Ship-Owner-ordained Customized Classes. These classes do not on their own do not lead to suo motu grant of CDC | COCs under the provision of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 or Rules made thereunder unless until the conditions prescribed under the STCW2010 are fully complied with by the candidates undergoing these coaching classes

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